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1 February 2013

Stevenage Football Club and STS Tyre Pros are giving one lucky fan the chance to win £50,000 at every Boro home game.


Since STS became the club’s main sponsor at the beginning of the season the two have worked together on numerous projects and now we aren’t only adding more to the match day experience at the Lamex Stadium with half time entertainment, but we’ve also raised the stakes as one lucky fan will have the opportunity to take to the pitch and aim to win up to £50,000!


When you enter the stadium every supporter purchasing an adult ticket will receive a voucher with a unique number. When the game begins we will randomly pick a number and whoever holds that ticket will have the chance. The ticket selected will be announced on the PA system and scoreboard so pay attention and if you're the lucky fan just make yourself known to the nearest steward! 


This will begin during the Leyton Orient tie tomorrow (Saturday) so please ensure that you keep hold of your voucher as you enter the stadium!


As the picture above shows, a Tyre target will be placed on the goal in front of the North Terrace and the lucky candidate will have the chance to play for £250, £5,000 and a whopping jackpot of £50,000!


You will first have one attempt from the penalty spot – if you get the ball through the tyre then you’ve bagged yourself £250!


That money is banked and is risk free, however you will now get another chance from the edge of the penalty area for a massive £5,000!


If you net again then you will have a final effort from the half way line and should you kick the ball through the tyre for a third time then you’ll win yourself an unbelievable £50,000!


It costs nothing to enter and every adult ticket will receive an entry.


All that is left to do is wish the best of luck to all of our supporters, and even more so to the lucky one who is picked tomorrow!


Please note that prizes do not accumulate, if you win £250 and miss the next shot you will still win the £250. Should you win the £250 and then also kick the ball through the tyre for £5,000 then you will win £5,000 and so on. Ts & Cs on vouchers.

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