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30 May 2013

Below is the latest report from Kenya, where a group representing the club are working hard to improve the lives of a number of children by working on two important projects in the town of Nakuru.

Members of the group swapped projects today which has allowed many of the travelling contingent to see what life is like at both schools.

Jubilee Academy

At Jubilee Academy the group were once again surrounded on arrival, with the youngsters delighted that their visitors had returned for another day. Construction work continued on the new playground for the pupils, which when finish will include swings, see-saws, a balance beam, a dragon climbing frame and much more – all painted with bright colours and made to look as cheerful as primary school life should be. Other team members assisted the school’s teachers in their lessons.

Not only that, the team also began building two football goals which will give the youngsters proper targets to shoot towards rather than using whatever random materials happen to be lying around.

Undoubtedly the highlight of the day was the distribution of Boro shirts, flags, red wigs, footballs and other materials to the pupils, who absolutely loved their new presents.

The Kenyan children have mastered the Dale Cavese chant (and won’t stop singing it) and because they’re such quick learners we don’t think it’ll be too long before they’re all bouncing along to the Tetris chant too!


Luchema Primary School

Meanwhile 10 volunteers made their way just a short distance away back to Luchema Primary School. After serving the children with tea, the group split up with some assisting with lessons, others continuing the classroom construction whilst the remaining guys and girls provided sports coaching to their enthusiastic pupils.

The youngsters and staff loved the sports equipment we donated to them whilst giving them club memorabilia such as posters, calendars and stationery mean we’re already building our Kenyan fan base!

We finished our day with a big cricket match involving all the pupils, staff and volunteers. It was great fun and we can’t wait to go back tomorrow!

Danny Powell, Stevenage FC in the Community Coach

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