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7 November 2014

Ahead of Sunday’s FA Cup 1st Round match with Maidstone, gaffer Graham Westley made it clear that he’d be sending out his best possible team in order to make it into the 2nd Round.  

Having been the underdog on a number of occasions, there’s no chance the team will be underestimating their opponent come Sunday.

“I, we, the football club, the players, many of us have been in the same sort of situation that our opponents are in this weekend and we know how we fought and how we went about our work when we were in their situation. We’re expecting them to do everything that we did when we were in their situation.

“This football club values the FA Cup immensely. The FA Cup is the greatest football competition in the world, I don’t think there’s any doubt about that. This football club wants to win every game it plays in and we certainly want and need to win FA Cup games. I wouldn’t want to go into any game without our front-line team. I certainly would never be arrogant enough to look at a game against a club like our opponents at the weekend and think that we could afford to be anything other than our best level.

“To win the game at the weekend we will need to be right on the money. They will step their game up, I’m sure. Their game has seen them virtually win every time they’ve been on the pitch this season and if you underestimate that you will be making a rod for your own back.

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