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12 March 2015

The gaffer on Saturday's match against Cambridge...

Ahead of Saturday’s game at Cambridge on Saturday, GW spoke about the importance of always having the same mentality no matter what has gone on before.

“If you want to progress you can’t let the moment that has gone affect your mind-set. You have got to be in the same frame of mind to learn, improve and get better whether you win the points or whether you don’t.

“I think every day that you come to work as a professional sportsperson, your job is to get better. Your job is to leave errors on the way behind, leave glory on the way behind and go on with earning the next point or the next spur.

“Sport is a very strange thing. If you get complacent in the face of a victory or you get too demoralised in the face of defeat then you are failing to think clearly and do your job properly.”

Speaking about our upcoming opponents, the gaffer made it clear he expects a difficult game.

“What I do know about them is that they finish games strongly. They are a high scoring team late on; they work very, very hard and keep going. They make good tactical changes; they pose you problems through until the final whistle. They have got a very good squad of players and they are well managed.

“We know that it is a local derby; we know that everybody will be up for the game and we know that we have got to be right on top of ourselves, right on top of our own game, right on our mettle and willing to go all the way in order to win the points there.”

Finally, after Keith Keane made his first appearance for the club as a substitute against Newport, GW told us about what he brings to the club.

“Keith Keane wins points. That is what I know. I have had him in my employment before and when I put a shirt on Keith Keane’s back he went on the pitch and he won football points. That is the measure of the man, that is what he does.

“He does what needs doing to win games.”

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