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Sarll: "It is an important time"

16 December 2017

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Quotes from the boss...

  • Sarll on a poor performance…

“We fell a long way short. There is no point in trying to pull wool over people’s eyes; we were beaten by the better side today.

“That performance doesn’t justify the staff and our work ethic, because I thought our work ethic in the first half was void of.

“I work far too hard to travel down to Exeter for the second time in a week and see that soft first half display.

“And it was a soft first half display after an opening 5/10 minutes where we started quite well.

“Our inability to confront, get out, put tackles in and win those tackles was very evident and that is the bit that infuriates me the most, because that doesn’t reflect what my staff do for this group of players, so we are a very disappointed group in there.

“The game was very, very simple, I thought their frontline or their attacking threat dominated our defensive organisation and I thought our attacking line was dominated by their defensive unit.

“It was very simple. Too often did we play the ball into forward areas and the ball didn’t stay. Too often it hit a shin or a knee and went out.

“Too often did we choose a difficult pass. Too often did we then not push up after choosing that pass, and it becomes a vicious circle.

“These are all basic things, they are not complex elements of the game at all, hence the furious state that I am addressing you now because I am better than that, my staff are better than that and the players have to improve very quickly.”

  • Sarll on the late rally…

“Obviously to bring Ben on was a plus, to bring Harry on gave us a little bit more energy and Newton came on and you know Danny is a energetic and vibrant player.

“All of a sudden we started having bit of a threat. We all know what happens, Joe Martin hits that volley and if the goalie doesn’t push it onto the bar, we are all talking about a really good point game, but we are not.

“The reality is more important to me at the moment than the possibilities."

  • Sarll on the increasing pressure…

“I think the players know that January is around the corner, the threat is very, very real.

“What do you do? Do you carry on accepting mediocrity, do you carry on accepting players form peaking and then dipping very quickly?

“I won't. I know the supporters won’t, who were fantastic at the end, by the way, in front of the players. I am not sure how long they will do that for.

“But I am certainly not sitting on mediocrity. I am here to do something special, I am here build this football club and help it grow.

“And if everyone is on board with that, then great – we will all do it together. But the nature of the industry is that if they are not, then elements of the employees have to be replaced with better employees.

“It is dead simple and no more so with the manager as well. It is an important time.

“It applies to everyone. I am under no pressure from the Chairman because we are trying to build a group of young players that can come in and take the club forward.

“But I put pressure on myself. I want to be in that top 7. I got a taste of that last year and that is where I and our supporters want to live.

“I do believe in this group of players, absolutely I believe in this group of players. They can be better."


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