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Sarll: "Any Given Day"

15 December 2017

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Video & Quotes from the boss...

  • Sarll on snowy preperations...

“We haven’t (been hampered). We still go out when it snows and we stay out when it rains, we don’t mollycoddle the players.

“We went out on Tuesday in the snow; it was still a couple of inches deep but we trained for a good couple of hours and got our work in because it is the right thing to do.

“Everything here at Bragbury is so perfect that the minute it becomes not perfect, I quite like utilising that situation, because I think you get a lot out of it psychologically.

“So we went out Tuesday and that was fine and obviously we have trained today, but it also gave me a chance to head down to Exeter on Tuesday night to watch them play Forest Green.

“I always like taking that opportunity if I can, to watch the opponent live.

“We have great access here to analysis with Rob Smith and the software which we use, but it still doesn’t beat putting the miles in the car and going out watching it live in an open stadium.

“They obviously had a terrific result in the FA Cup when it looked like they would comfortably go out, they clutched victory from the jaws of defeat.”

  • Sarll on Paul Tisdale & Exeter...

“Paul is a real example for someone like me. The work he has done there he has done with great integrity. He has got a principle of play and it never changes.

“He is very articulate in the way that he talks to the media and I much admire his work.

“I would love 10 years at this club and to have the opportunity to build a football club over the years.

“That would be a wonderful aim and objective for me to try and match someone like Paul.

“Every manager will always say ‘we all need time’ and we are never given it, but Paul has earned his time at Exeter and it is the right club for each other.”

  • Sarll on players finding form...

“We have been playing well of late. We know we need to be more rounded in our play away from home.

“I have got to say, there are early signs of an emergence of form from so many of our players.

"Joe Martin has been exceptional in the past couple of games, Jack King and Wilkinson - their partnership has been great.

“I have been really pleased with Whelpdale. Tom Pett, in his best goal-scoring season for us got 9, he is already on 5 and is coming to the fore.

“McKee is settling in lovely, playing very well and probably the best young player in the football league at the moment.

“We know that if we can get Matty Godden a run of games without injury he will kick in and I have been really pleased with Samuel, like most people have.

“There is not too much disappointment or negativity around the individuals, the way they are playing or the units and how they are functioning.

“We know that on any given day when we take our chances, we are a Swindon performance away all of the time.”


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