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3 March 2017

Darren Sarll says that it’s vital that his players and staff move on from a fantastic February in order to give us the best chance of having a marvellous March.

Five wins and a draw last month saw us move right up the table into seventh place but Sarll knows that it is all about the future now.

“The work that we have done in the month of February is now gone. It is so important we forget February, move into March and try and make March as successful.

“We know it is going to be a very tough month but we can’t look any further than Notts County. The wins in February allow us to go into the game against Notts County with a certain mind-set because winning breeds winning.  But, apart from that we can’t hang onto February for the rest of our season.

“It is just so important that we understand that every week there is a new challenge, a new project and a new opponent.

“The players and I are very much in that place again where we are just looking at Notts County and making sure that we can deliver another good performance.”

Sarll says that although his players are in brilliant form individually, the team ethic and organisation is so strong at the moment that should some performances dip, we are still in good position to win games.

“Physically we are running further every game at the moment. We are breaking barriers all the time which is a huge thing for us at this club that physically they can play a certain way.

“Some of our play (on Tuesday) was at times, another league. Some of the combination play between our attacking players was exceptional and it was in a style and method that I want everyone at this football club to become accustomed to.

“Fortunately for me I think have got eight out of 11 who are eight or nine out of 10 every week at the moment. I sleep very easy at night knowing that so many of the players are in their best form of the season and they have done it now for six or seven games.

“I have got no reason to think it is going to stop there. If we do have an off day, I think we have got a strength, a foundation and a solidness to us where we can probably carry a performance that isn’t as free flowing or dynamic as Crawley, Wycombe or a Leyton Orient type showing.

“We are in a really good place.”

Finally, Sarll has been impressed by the job done by Kevin Nolan at tomorrow’s opponents, Notts County.

“He has done fantastically well in the period he has been there along with Richard Thomas, his assistant who I know very well.

“I think Notts County is one of the toughest clubs if you are a player there, even more so if you are a manager. We have seen some really tough personalities go to Notts County and not succeed; some haven’t survived so it is a really tough place to manage.

“To take on that challenge, a big club with lots of tradition, I think you have got to be a certain type of character anyway and I think Kevin is that type of character, which would pretty much reflect how he was as a player and the perception he gives.”


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